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Whenever you use our website, we ask you to provide some information for future interaction with you. We use “cookies” to track certain information when you access our website.

Our website sometimes collects your internet protocol (IP) address for security purposes. This is done to make sure that you are the legitimate buyer and to prevent others making purchases with your name and credit card.


Cookies are the text files, used for identification of your web browser as well as other storage features. These files are transferred to your computer through the web browser for the purpose of identification.

Privacy & Safety

We understand your right to privacy and take great care to protect your details.

We do not store personal information on our website.  

We do not sell or share information to third parties except as required by law.


We will never ask for credit card or bank account details in an email. If you receive an email claiming to be from us asking for personal information, please go directly to our secure website www.diggitydog.co.uk and sign in. Alternately, contact us directly via the website.

Your information is used by us for contacting you regarding your order, customizing your shopping preferences and responding to your queries etc. You may prefer not to provide certain information,  but it may affect your receiving information about special promotions.


We keep you informed and updated of our new arrivals and policies through emails by sending order confirmation, newsletters and new product updates etc. You can request only order related emails.

Your credit card and other personal information is encrypted and is not visible, except for the last five digits which are shown on your order.  The complete number is viewed only by the processing credit card company.


Always sign-off when you complete your order.  


The security of our users' accounts is of paramount importance.  We are 100% committed to online safety. We employ internal security experts and use advanced tools as well as external services and experts. All of which provide ongoing security protection on multiple levels and perform internal and external periodical audits. 

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards


- Offline Payments Using Paypal Here

Bank Transfer - products shipped when payment received in full

Western Union - products shipped when payment received in full

Our Legal Address

5 Auton Stile

Bearpark, Durham

County Durham, DH7 7AA

Tel: +44-(0)7587918723