Diggity Dawg 
Clothing & Accessories for Dogs

The Diggity Dawg Story

Robbie, Cleo and I are the 3 Muskateers or Muckyteers as we like to call ourselves.

What is better than their heartbeats at the foot of my bed? Or listening to them snore? Or waking to find them curled up beside me, well and happy?  A dog is happiness. Joy. Laughter. Great conversations. Unconditional love.

I rescued Robbie in Mallorca and Cleo was a tiny pup that I found, wandering the streets of Sicily.  What would like have been like without them? Lonely. Weird. I can't imagine it.

I wanted to offer something out of the ordinary for our beloved dogs - and voila! It's Diggity Dawg time.

I hope you and your dog will enjoy our fun, funky dog accessories.

May your dogs have long, happy and healthy lives.

How Are We Different?

Diggity Dawg's commitment to our customers:
* 100% money-back guarantee

* Awesome customer service

* Quality, unique dog clothing and accessories at reasonable prices

- Rhinestone, leather and fancy collars, sweaters,  harnesses and leads

  for small dogs

- Leather and bully collars, training and padded harnesses for large dogs

- Socks, shoes and protective waterproof boots for dogs of all sizes

- Waterproof jackets for dogs of all sizes

- Outfits for small dogs


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