Is Your Dog a Puller?

If you have a dog that pulls constantly or a dog that stops to sniff everything, forcing you to pull on the leash to keep your pet moving, this can and likely will cause serious damage to your dog's throat.

One of my dogs is a pulling machine. He's a sight and scent hunting hound and stops to sniff everything. I became alarmed one day when he refused to leave whatever had his attention at that moment. I pulled on the leash and he collapsed, spread-eagle on the pavement. The pulling had cut off his air supply. From then on, he never goes out without his Goliath dog harness. It's padded, adjustable, washable, with a mesh lining that adds comfort. Comes in spiffy Union Jack, black and military prints. We also offer the Samson harness which is the same style but smaller. These harnesses are available for small to large dogs.

Using a harness on your dog is not only an effective option for teaching your pet to walk correctly on a leash, it's also humane and a valuable part of training. The leash attaches to the ring on the back, as well there is a handle for additional control. The harness does not put the pressure on your dog's spine and back that a traditional collar does.

When the dog pulls and is allowed to have their way, to be in control, the unwanted behavior is reinforced. All of our harnesses, whether they are working harnesses or fun, fancy ones, they clip on the back, and are force-free and painless.

Diggity Dawg sells collars, all sizes and styles, but we recommend a harness for a dog that does not walk without pulling.

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