How To Prevent Tracheal Collapse In Dogs: How a Quality Harness Helps

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Over recent years, dog harnesses have become more and more widespread. While the traditional leash is still around, many have dropped it in favour of harnesses instead. But why? What are the benefits of a dog harness?

Let’s take a detailed look into the ins-and-outs of harnesses so that you can see what all the fuss is all about!

It’s Better for Their Health and Comfort!

We’ve all seen that type of dog walker around, who struggles to keep their powerful, large dog under control. The dog wants to run one way; the owner wants to go the other!

But the leash in this situation is causing more harm than good.

Pulling on the leash and fighting against a dog puts a lot of pressure on their trachea, even preventing them from breathing properly. This runs the risk of tracheal collapse, a nasty condition that can make it a struggle to breathe efficiently.

On the other hand, a harness directs the pressure to the dog’s body, rather than the sensitive area of the throat.

This is safer for the dog and much comfier too!

A Dog Harness Offers a Lot More Control

Let’s go back to that dog owner again, fighting against his large breed with their leash.

You’d think that because the leash is actively uncomfortable for the big dog that it’d discourage them from pulling and jumping up.

However, this isn’t the case. They’re likely to keep doing it, despite the discomfort!

The reason why is because when a dog pulls on a leash, they do get some forward momentum. To the dog, this feels like the pulling is actually working.

One of the benefits of a dog harness is that it doesn’t give the same positive feedback a leash does when the dog pulls. If a dog pulls on a harness, they don’t feel that same forward movement. Instead, all that will happen is that their front paws will rise into the air!

This is how a harness can be used as a fantastic aid in teaching your dog to not pull and walk nice.

Additionally, a harness allows a lot more general control. It’s easier to control a large puller and can help prevent them from jumping up.

Our Leather Studded Dog Harness Brings All This and More!

With all the benefits outlined above, you must think we’ve run out by now; but no, there’s more! Our new line of leather studded dog harnesses come with their own unique benefit!

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