Should Our Dogs be Dressed Up?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

There are times when dog clothing is necessary - such as for small dogs and short-haired varieties, and during cold weather. I have larger dogs and they happily wear their waterproof jackets. My larger dog, an Egyptian Pharoah Hound that I rescued in Spain, feels the cold in the UK, to the point of shivering. He needs his fleece-line waterproof jacket.

Dog clothing and accessories have become more fashionable and popular over the years with a stunning array of products from reasonable prices to designer prices that will make your head spin: bootees, pyjamas, all-in-one trousers, winter jackets, hoodies for dogs.

Animal charity RSPCA has suggested that people should not use their pets as a fashion accessory. Some dogs love dressing up. I'm not sure that is what people do. People who like to put clothes on their little dogs absolutely treasure their pets and have told me that their dogs love to dress-up. Some dogs don't and those owners say they don't force it on their dogs.

I have heard the comment: "To see a little dog dressed up in boots, I think, is a little over the top." Diggity Dawg sells waterproof dog boots with sturdy rubber soles for small and large dogs that are functional and practical, and protect a dog's pads and paws from glass, grit, ice, Alabama Rot and other nasties. Protecting your dog from a possible fatal disease such as Alabama Rot and reducing vet bills and distress to your dog when they damage their paws or pads, cannot be a bad thing. My vet recommends booties and socks to people whose dogs or cats have health issues with their pads and paws.

A dog owner has an obligation to ensure that all the needs of their pet are met. If your dog likes to wear dresses and dress up, then let them, but be aware that dogs can overheat. If they stand frozen when you put clothing on them, then don't do it. Dogs can be conditioned and this is a good idea when it comes to clothing that is practical, such as boots and jackets.

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